Software testing


Getting answers to the questions that matter

Is this system ready for production? What are the risks and how can we address them? You need a tester with experience for the answers, and someone willing to get his hands dirty for the solution. My extensive experience and education as a software tester will allow me to come up with a test approach that fits your organisation and project environment. And subsequently follow this approach through to execution.


  • Implementing a test approach that fits the organisation and project environment
  • Analyzing the system based on the quality expectations of the business
  • Designing functional-, system- and integration tests
  • Preparing and executing test scripts and test cases
  • Coaching users and stakeholders during acceptance testing
  • Justifying decisions regarding testing and providing clear reports

Agile testing

Group of people

Working together to make things better

In today's businesses the only constant factor is change. Your business has to adapt to new environments constantly, and your IT can't lag behind. To maintain the highest quality you will need flexible test professionals. People that can bridge the gap between business and IT, and help to make the team work together as one. With my unique background in both IT and psychology I can help you to achieve those goals.


  • Collaborating with the Product Owner or other stakeholders to create good User Stories
  • Coaching developers in order to set up Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Creating effective test charters based on extensive experience for Exploratory Testing
  • Advising developers to derive the right unit tests with the right test coverage
  • Supporting the team as a member with a strong background in testing
  • Automating test cases in an effective and efficient manner
  • Making valuable suggestions to continuously improve the (testing) process

Mobile testing

Mobile phone

Moving towards a higher level

Mobile technology has had a profound impact on our society. Today we can do our banking on our phones and keep up with the news from behind our tablets. New Apps are developed every day to provide customers with new experiences or innovative services that add value to their lives. However in this world of social media, you want your App to be received well by the public. That's why you need a tester with a fundamental understanding of the mobile platform. In the past I've worked passionately to develop the best possible Apps for my customers. Allow me to help you deliver the best possible Apps to your customers.


  • Assessing the usability of your app and suggesting ways to improve it
  • Designing and executing tests that address the risks specific to the mobile platform
  • Testing performance and efficiency on devices with relatively scarce resources
  • Performing field tests out in the real world on mobile devices
  • Finding the defects that matter so your App is well reviewed and received by your customers