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My name is Laurens Hoogenboom, and I'm a consultant in the field of software testing. I consider software testing to be an art and I've been enjoying it for many years. This goes beyond customizing the test approach to fit the needs of your project and finding the most important defects first. My main concern is to find out what really motivates my clients and how I can help to achieve their goals. Find out what I can do for you.


Software testing


Getting answers to the questions that matter

Is this system ready for production? What are the risks and how can we address them? You need a tester with experience for the answers, and someone willing to get his hands dirty for the solution...

Agile testing

Group of people

Working together to make things better

In today's businesses the only constant factor is change. Your business has to adapt to new environments constantly, and your IT can't lag behind. To maintain the highest quality you will need flexible test professionals...

Mobile testing

Mobile phone

Moving towards a higher level

Mobile technology has had a profound impact on our society. Today we can do our banking on our phones and keep up with the news from behind our tablets. New Apps are developed every day to provide...

Showcase of Apps


Fully automated time registration and billing with Fact'Uren App for Apple iPhone and iPad. The Fact'Uren App will take the administrative burden off your hands:

  • Configure where your clients are located
  • Take your iPhone with you when you go on assignment at your clients
  • Fact'Uren will notice when you are on-site
  • Your time is registered automatically
  • Of course you can also register your hours manually
  • Generate invoices at the end of each month with a single tap

Developed especially for independent contracters and interim professionals that work on-site on a time and materials basis.

What people say

  • Laurens Hoogenboom is a detail oriented, quality test expert. He knows how to keep the right balance between quality and project delivery. Laurens is a true professional and I would hire him again without any doubt. Daniel Busscher, project leader Atlantis at Postbank N.V.
  • The tackling of this problem demonstrates courage and great academic development. He did not shy away from taking on such a complex problem. J.F. Van Dillen, jury commission of the master thesis award 2005 at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Laurens Hoogenboom is driven to perform well in his profession. He wants to deliver quality and is always searching for ways to realise this at the highest possible level. Laurens keeps himself well informed about the different interests at play in the project and it's direct environment. Theo Zeinstra, testmanager project KetenIntegratie at Delta Lloyd
  • Voelt goed aan hoe verhoudingen binnen organisaties liggen en kan er goed zijn weg in vinden. Weet door zijn gedrag en communicatie ruim voldoende impact teweeg te brengen. Peter ten Hag, unit manager ICT bij Yacht
  • Project completed together with Laurens Hoogenboom was an amazing experience. Good communication and clear instructions allowed me to work quickly and efficiently. Thanks!Pawel Wisniowski, expert HTML/CSS coder at Wisniowkski.pro